Lydia Bevan : artist


about me

Whilst I would not necessarily describe myself as a portrait painter, I am definately interested in what it is to be human, both physically and emotionally. People are a constant theme in my work, and even if the figure or the face does not feature, it is often referenced by an absence of presence, or some sort of evidence of the human touch.

I am becoming more and more preoccupied with those in-between spaces. Waiting for a train ... driving home ... walking through town ... asleep. Transitional moments that might be experienced but not noticed, places glimpsed in passing but not seen. These moments take us from one 'event' to the next, and are perhaps not always considered an event in themselves. Yet these moments - often spent alone - can be an opportunity to inhabit a different space for a while, where being anonymous offers both isolation and freedom. Where imagination can wonder. Where there is a sense of distraction, anticipation, suspension.

I use drawing, photographic and found images as a starting point. I also like to work from video-stills, which enables much more control over the image selection process, as I can choose the exact frame I want. I enjoy the worn out feel of a video-still; it's not as sharp as a photograph and the picture can be ambiguous, requiring more imagination to read and translating to the medium of paint in a more gratifying way. I am interested in the relationship between photography and painting, and the ways in which one affects and informs the other. My greatest artistic influences are painters like Gerhard Richter, Justin Mortimer, Marlene Dumas and Jenny Saville, all of whom I feel offer intelligent and thought provoking responses to this complex and sometimes tense relationship through their work.

Aside from subject, my current work is concered with how I use the materials. Layering, scraping, thinning or thickening the paint, creating blurred areas or pockets of detail ... Always experimenting, still serching for the balence between how I think it should look and what stares back at me on the canvas, attempting to find my stride as another young, hopeful and ambitious artist.



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